Smaato unveils new SDKs to support rich media ads


Smaato, a mobile ad optimizer and mobile advertising
company, announced the rollout of new SDKs designed to support rich media ads
on mobile phones and tablets.


The introduction of Smaato’s new rich media
solutions will enable developers to more effectively monetize their
applications and or content with a wider range of ad formats.


To power its SDKs for rich media, Smaato has partnered
with Crisp Media, the leader in cross-platform rich media advertising, and
Celtra, a premier global mobile advertising company.


Supporting rich media ad formats, Smaato’s
latest range of SDKs will enable developers to create more compelling banner
and full page ads on mobile and tablet with new formats including expandable,
interactive, floating and mobile video ads. In addition, developers can now
create mobile video ads for preroll video and click-to-video on both Android
and iOS.


“We are happy to partner with Smaato to extend the
reach of Crisp-powered mobile rich media campaigns to a broader array of
publishers and ad networks across the globe,” said Boris Fridman, CEO of
Crisp Media.  


“We are pleased to support Smaato’s new SDK as rich
media continues to become an integral part of mobile ad campaigns,” said Mihael
Mikek, co-founder and CEO of Celtra. “Our innovative technology and
unique-self-service approach will make it easier for Smaato’s network of 30,000
publishers to create and monetize consumer engagement.”


Underpinning the expansion of in-app ad formats for
developers is Smaato’s ad optimization platform, SOMA, bringing optimized
international campaigns from leading global ad networks to publisher and
developer inventory.


Offering advanced targeting and campaign optimization
features, Smaato maximizes fill rates and ultimately developer revenue. Smaato
currently offers the biggest selection of free in-app advertising SDKs, having
recently announced compatibility with Android 3.0 and Android Tablets.  


“We’re pleased to work with Celtra and Crisp Media to
provide developers and publishers with the ability to tap into new ways to
monetize applications and content through the support of rich media ads via
mobile,” said Ragnar Kruse, co-founder and CEO, Smaato.  


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