Smartphone monetization platform Metaps secures $4.2 million funding, to expand in Asia

Smartphone monetization platform Metaps has raised $4.2
million from five venture capitals.

The proceeds from this private placement will be used for
securing human resources of the Singapore-based, wholly owned subsidiary
Metaps, and also to advance the company’s Asia-focused platform business.

Metaps, a reward advertisement
network, offers software developers a platform for low-risk advertising through
a CPI (cost-per-install)-based traffic, and meanwhile generates continuous
revenue by incentivized ads placed on their own media.

The network already enables advertising towards 25
nations worldwide with its overseas partnership. The company aims to become the
largest reward advertisement network in Asia by the end of 2012.

Reward advertisement is a smartphone-oriented
incentivized advt. Application users are able to acquire in-app points or
items, in exchange of their direct actions towards in-app ads.

“A sound foundation of revenue generating for
smartphone application developers still does not exist, neither in Japan nor
Asia. Metaps’ objective is to be the largest smartphone monetization platform
in Asia. With this funding, we would like to acquire the best talents and
enhance our system to strengthen competitiveness, not only against North
American competitors, but also among the Asian market,” said Katsuaki
Sato, CEO of Metaps

In August 2011, Metaps released
its reward advertising platform free of charge to support application
developers in creating revenue streams from smart phones.

Metaps intends to expand the number of distributed applications and networks on
a global scale by networking their previously released media platforms, such as
“AppBonus”, with various apps provided by other developers.

Seizing the popularization of Android devices in the
global market as a large opportunity, Metaps is dispatching developer content
not just in Japan, but overseas as well, focusing on Asia.

Metaps will continue to maximize profit for app developers while striving to
make risk-free advertising a reality.

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