Students are major users of VAS services, says MoMagic Survey

Telecom Lead India: Students pay more money on Value
Added Services (VAS), and can pay even more than double if provided with the
right services, according to MoMagic Technologies, Noida based VAS company.


The study finds that students are the major users for VAS
services who on an average spend less than Rs. 50 on VAS.


50 percent of the students covered in the study are ready
to pay more than double for services. Currently services and applications
for music downloads, social networking, video and mobile gaming are the most
used services.


The survey reveals that half of the users surveyed were
ardent users of these services.  Services like Social Networking, Music
and Video download will further boost the demand of VAS.


The survey says that demand for Bill Payments has
risen by much more than 500 percent of current demand and usage.


Additionally, utility services such as Job Search, Travel
Info and Health Advice and Tips and Infotainment services like access to News
and Jokes are expected to see more than 100 percent future demand.


However, the findings indicate that price is a major
issue for minimal use of VAS services.


The major services that were focused on were
Infotainment, MCommerce, M Health, M Education and Agricultural.


MoMagic is using the information available from the
survey and plans to implement it to a certain extent for the large number of
VAS users in India.


As per a report of the Internet and Mobile Association of
India (IAMAI), the mobile VAS market in India has the potential to become an
INR 671 billion market by 2015 contributing to 31 percent of overall wireless
revenues. This growth will be driven mainly by mobile data (both on handsets
and dongles / connected computing devices) contributing 54 percent of the
overall MVAS market by 2015.


Innovation and 3G penetration will augment Indian mobile
VAS market

Penetration of 3G services in the country will help
the mobile value added services market in India to flourish. Also, the
MVAS market of India will also be complemented by the increase uptake of
smartphones and tablets.


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