T-Mobile taps Gemalto’s LinqUs Trusted Service Manager platform for rolling out NFC services

Telecom Lead America: T-Mobile has selected Gemalto’s LinqUs Trusted Service Manager (TSM) platform for rolling out NFC services.

Gemalto’s TSM platform will enable T-Mobile to ensure enough security to installation and management of NFC services across major European markets. This group-wide deployment will be implemented firstly in Poland.

(source: businessweek)

As part of the agreement, PTC, T-Mobile’s operator in Poland, will use Gemalto’s NFC solution including the TSM platform and the mobile wallet software, as well as the UpTeq NFC high-end card for mass deployment of SIM-based mobile contactless services.

T-Mobile said PTC will start the nationwide SIM upgrade to the new UpTeq NFC card by year-end to ensure NFC-readiness for the deployment of a broad range of innovative services to its 14-million subscriber base.

Gemalto’s NFC solution will enable PTC to grow its portfolio of NFC services through the progressive addition of new partners over time. The LinqUs TSM, an interoperable secure platform, permits interconnection with any service provider. UpTeq NFC secure device enables the operator to manage new services even after the issuance to end users.

In Poland, over 10 million banking cards and over 90,000 contactless terminals are already active in the field, representing over 20 percent of the total point-of-sale readers.

PTC mobile users will benefit as they will be offered the convenience of using their mobile phone to enjoy a broad range of NFC services including payment, access to mass transit and parking systems, loyalty programs and stadium ticketing during major events.

“Gemalto’s NFC solution provides PTC with the excellent flexibility required to easily ramp up additional mobile contactless service,” said Jean-Claude Deturche, Gemalto senior vice president, Mobile Financial Services.

“The project delivery expertise of our teams is key to the smooth deployment of their NFC program, and our capabilities acquired through several dozens of TSM commercial implementations worldwide will help T-Mobile in tapping the enormous potential of mobile contactless services being deployed in Europe,” Deturche added.

Recently, TelecomLead.com reported that Vodafone selected Gemalto to provide and operate its Trusted Service Management (TSM) platform and deploy NFC services solutions.

This multi-year global contract will provide the foundation for secure and convenient wave and pay contactless transactions via mobile phone, as well as for numerous new services that demand the highest levels of security and integrity.


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