Tata Docomo taps Netxcell to provide real time subscription services for 2G and 3G subscribers

Telecom Lead India: Tata Docomo has tapped Netxcell to implement a solution to provide real time subscription services for 2G and 3G subscribers.

The Netxcell solution enables Tata Docomo to offer policy based services and service monitoring solutions on cloud.

Netxcell will manage the entire Pack provisioning & Customer Lifecycle Management Solutions for DOCOMO across all of its 18 circles including real time alerts for system utilization and breach of key service and performance Indicators (KPIs).

Netxcell’s latest solution is flexible and hassle free system to arm the mobile operator with real time intelligence on subscriber trends and usage patterns thereby enabling the operator to engage its subscribers efficiently.

“Netxcell’s solution will directly help operators improve their quality of service, structure dynamic product offerings, accuracy in billing; leading to subscriber retention and loyalty,” said Debasis Chatterji, CEO of Netxcell.

Recently, to strengthen its presence in 3G market, VAS provider Netxcell has launched its new IVR and Video OBD products. For upgrading the products, the VAS provider has added video deliverable capabilities on voice and data products and applications across all channels.

Netxcell TAPAS platform is built to address the issues prevailing in the VAS ecosystem with a distributed, open standard based, cloud ready solution to enable all the stake holders in the VAS eco system – from operator to technology providers to content partners – to create a win-win situation for all.

The service on cloud helps the operator to understand the market and enhance subscriber retention and value. It will also provide complete Business Intelligence to focus on Segment-wise ARPU (Average return per user).

Tata Docomo is gaining from its mobile VAS initiatives. Recently, mobile VAS provider mCarbon tied up with Tata DOCOMO to provide technological support for Tata DOCOMO’s caller ring back tone (CRBT) service.

Also, Tata Docomo inked its partnership with OnMobile to unveil a new handset application. The new mobile application – My Call Me Tune – allows mobile users to search, preview and buy music content on the go with better user interface.

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