TechFaith to power social media in China


TechFaith Wireless Technology announced it will launch a
new mobile social media solution in China called 17Talk, along with 17Store,
through its subsidiary TechFaith Software China, a joint venture company with



17Talk is an innovative social media solution based on a
user’s friends stored as contacts in his or her mobile phonebook. 17Talk
facilitates easy peer to peer contact, text chatting in groups, photo exchange,
voice communication, and plans to support video communication.


has the ability to bypass a mobile phone user’s network and platform
restrictions, allowing iPhone and Android users, Google’s Gtalk, and MSN users
to take advantage of free communication.



17Store will serve as a robust, central platform
featuring3rd party developed games and mobile applications,
including popular Android-based games and applications. All games and
applications will be classified into different categories, with each assigned a
hybrid ranking based on user downloads, product quality and user feedback.



Eventually, 17Store will place the higher ranking games
and applications on its recommendation chart, making it easier for users to
download the Best in Class games and applications. 17Store plans to feature
cloud client technology, to enable the support of games and applications
online. This will provide users with an even faster and more robust experience.



17Talk and 17Store will support TecFace branded phones,
phones developed based on QUALCOMM’s Brew Platform, the Android platform and
other 3rd party developed smart phones. We will develop more applications
software for our customers,” said Bangchang Liu, president of TechSoft.



17Talk and 17Store will also benefit from consumers embrace
of social media and cloud client technology. We are excited about the
possibilities these changes are bringing to the value chain and the vast
opportunities for growth they have for TechFaith and the broader mobile
industry,” Liu added.



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