TeleDNA announces CBC platform for LTE / 4G deployment

Telecom Lead India: VAS infrastructure company TeleDNA says its TeleDNA CBC platform is ready for LTE / 4G deployment.

Cell Broadcast System is emerging as an important broadcast medium for emergency alerts worldwide. Disaster management agencies are debating on the possibility of using social medium for emergency alerts, Smart phones are making this possible.

Cell Broadcast System has made it possible for the agencies to make announcement to millions of citizens in seconds.

As per GSMA, there will be more than 200 Live LTE Networks in over 70 countries by end of 2015. It’s crucial to have the VAS product platform ready for migration to the next generation network.

Udit Shanker, CEO, TeleDNA, said: “CBC launch on LTE is a significant step in the LTE evolution. We are strongly committed to provide the latest and best technology for our partners and end consumers.”

TeleDNA CBC Platform allows telecom operators to control cell broadcast message on its network.

Cell Broadcast messages such as emergency alerts, breaking news, traffic conditions, sports news, stock news, interactive cell broadcast message, etc. can be broadcasted to entire network or a designated geographical area using TeleDNA CBC. The geographical broadcast range can vary from a small area (single cell) to the entire network coverage area (PLMN).

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