TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 launched on Android devices from Sprint

a global wireless location-based services provider, announced a personalized
GPS search, traffic and navigation experience for Android devices.

GPS Navigator 7.1 goes beyond turn-by-turn directions to help on-the-go people
run errands around town, explore and discover what’s around them, or commute to
work or school.

GPS Navigator 7.1 uses a new, unique home screen, called “My Dashboard
,” for quick and easy access to what on-the-go people need every day. The
redesigned interface includes a map of the user’s current location with
real-time traffic overlay and customizable “Home” and
“Work” buttons to show current drive times based on live traffic.

TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 includes smoother and faster map rendering, enhancing
features such as live traffic, red light cameras and satellite view map layers.
The application includes Multi Routes, which recommends up to three routes to
the destination with distance and estimated drive times based on traffic

can review information for each route and select the option that best fits
their personal driving needs.

GPS Navigator 7.1 provides people with many useful features along the way to
make it easier to drive and arrive with more confidence and less stress. The
application includes “Cockpit View,” a feature that shows roads and
street names that zoom into view for a better navigational experience, and
“Junction View,” which informs drivers which lane to be in to make
complex lane changes simple and easy.

combined with other existing features, such as turn-by-turn directions with
street names, 2D and 3D moving maps and traffic avoidance, TeleNav provides
drivers with all of the information they need to safely reach their

Customizable Android widgets have been added to TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 for
quick access to the information that on-the-go people need and use every day.
Three TeleNav widgets are available for download on the Android home screen,
including a map of the user’s current location, a one-box search field, and
navigation with Home and Work commute times.

other navigation apps tend to only focus on getting you from point A to point
B, we believe there is tremendous value in a more personalized navigation
experience that is tailored to your daily needs,” said Sal Dhanani,
co-founder and vice president of products for TeleNav.

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