TomTom releases updated maps for its portable navigation devices to cater to India’s land routes

Telecom Lead India: TomTom has released updated maps of India for VIA Series portable navigation devices to cater to the land routes.

India and other developing nations experience higher degree of changes to its land routes compared to other developed countries.

TomTom India National Sales Manager Sanu Vasudevan said Indian land routes undergo up to 30 percent change annually, while other developed countries experienced up to 15 percent.

New roads, highways and landmarks were built regularly and the layout of older ones adapted with additional roundabouts, lanes and one-ways added in. In view of this the company tries to ensure that any change or extra kilometers of road were tracked to keep customers and other stake holders abreast with the new changes.

TomTom offers lifetime map update to its customers, which ensures that the navigation solutions provider continues to support customer devices with software updates, services, and content for its entire life cycle.

In addition, the company assures customers that full updates to the map that is pre-installed on their devices would continue to match the original as long as it was still being sold in India.

“Navigation acceptance is rising in India and looking at the potential of the market, we think that we are entering India at the right time. The country is strategically positioned in our radar and we understand that a great in-car navigation experience can be enhanced by quality maps,” Vasudevan added.

Customers will have coverage for over 5,548 cities and towns across India.

Indian customers will also benefit from the coverage of new highways and intercity road networks added to the current map release. They will benefit from more realistic representation of their driving environment to help them choose the right lane instantly on select intersections. Advanced Lane Guidance is also now available for over 3,200 intersections.

TomTom customers will also improve their driving experience with ever increasing counts of point of interest categories like ATMs, petrol stations, restaurants, places of worship, shopping centres and many more.

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