TomTom to assist Atkins to analyze road traffic schemes in U.K.

Telecom Lead Europe: Atkins, an engineering and design
consultancy, will use TomTom’s Custom Travel Times to analyze road traffic
schemes, on behalf of its clients in the United Kingdom.


Using TomTom’s granular historical traffic database,
Atkins can analyze how different traffic management systems have affected road
users’ speed and travel times by conducting ‘before and after’ comparisons.


The granularity of the TomTom historical traffic
database enables Atkins to conduct analysis by specific days of the week, time
of day, by small intersections through to large stretches of motorway,” said
Ralf-Peter Schäfer, head of TomTom Traffic Product Unit.


Having access to reliable data is critical to many of
our projects as we are keen to understand historic road traffic patterns in
order to analyze the successful outcomes of future schemes. TomTom’s Custom
Travel Times provides us with both the quantity and quality of traffic data
that enables us to deliver high quality journey time data to our clients,” said
Philip Mendelsohn, data manager – Transportation of Atkins.


Custom Travel Times provides speed and bottleneck
information for roads by leveraging TomTom’s historical traffic database of
more than five trillion data points. This enables Atkins to analyze granular
road segments ranging from a few meters to several kilometers and even takes
into account customized requirements, such as time of day or specific weather


TomTom signs a traffic deal with Qoros Auto in China


TomTom, in a joint venture with AutoNavi Holdings, has
inked a seven year agreement with Qoros Auto to deliver HD traffic to Qoros
Auto customers.


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