TomTom unveils TomTom Connect semi-integrated connected navigation solution


TomTom, the supplier of in-car location and navigation
products and services, introduced TomTom Connect, a new semi integrated
navigation solution tailored specifically
to Opel and Vauxhall cars.


Opel and TomTom have been working closely together to
offer Opel and Vauxhall drivers the full advantages of real time navigation
services,” said Giles Shrimpton, managing director TomTom Automotive.


This is an important step in our relationship and I look
forward to developing the opportunities this brings for both
companies,” Shrimpton added.


TomTom Connect is integrated in the car and provides a
great navigation experience; offering LIVE Services, including TomTom HD
Traffic, a combination of real time traffic and dynamic routing.


The solution gives drivers the fastest route to their
destination based on the latest traffic situation. The real time traffic
information is generated from a network of over 80 million probes in Europe. It
covers 99.9 percent of the road network, reports more traffic jams in real-time
and is also refreshed more frequently than any other service. The system
software and content can be updated through the online portal MyTomTom.


TomTom Connect also features car specific and crash
tested cradle, which automatically charges the PND and Software customisation,
including dealer POIs and specific vehicle icons.


TomTom recently launched
Webfleet Mobile, a smartphone app designed to provide managers on the move with
essential information about their vehicle fleet to ensure they stay in control
and continue to service their customers.


Recently, TomTom announced that
it has become the first navigation provider to bring Landmark Navigation to
India by launching new TomTom “Via Series”. The company
launched Via 100, Via 120, and Via 125 devices to bring a higher level of
portable navigation device for the Indian consumer with the maximum quality and


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