TransCore unveils GPS-based device for safe driving applications

TransCore announced the launch of ROVR, a GPS device with GSM
communications that allows infrastructure-less tolling and includes an optional
driver safety monitoring feature shown to dramatically reduce accidents,
improve fuel economy, and decrease Greenhouse gases (GHG).

As forms of tolling or road user charging become a more viable means to
fund transportation infrastructure, the infrastructure-less tolling capability
eliminates the need for costly toll structures and can be quickly implemented
on new or existing roadways.

ROVR is ideal for HOT lanes or Greenfield tolling environments both
domestically and internationally. The ROVR device can also easily facilitate
mileage-based user fee data if such legislation is approved.

The driver scorecard option is ideal for commercial vehicle fleets,
parents of teen drivers, department of motor vehicles (DMVs), or driver
education schools that need performance data or asset location devices.

While most people believe they are above-average drivers, objective data
can help improve driving patterns. As an educational tool, the scorecard
increases awareness about how driving behavior can lower fuel costs, increase
safety, and reduce individual carbon footprints.

The compact device plugs into the OBD port located under the dashboard,
near the steering column on every car built since 1996. Installation takes only
seconds to complete.

“ROVR gives transportation agencies an option they didn’t have before.
The multi-application nature of ROVR can not only deliver congestion management
benefits much sooner than conventional approaches but provides a critical tool
to help save lives and reduce green house gases. It is a compelling concept
that could be a game changer for some agencies and at no cost to them,” said
Kelly Gravelle, chief technology officer, TransCore.

TransCore developed sophisticated, new algorithms designed to deliver
high accuracy while using minimum bandwidth for both infrastructure-less toll
plazas and HOT lane systems. Side-by-side test results at highway speeds using
a ROVR device showed identical transactional performance to conventional
transponder- based systems.

For commercial fleets, ROVR can provide automated vehicle and driver
monitoring. For new teen drivers, ROVR instructs and promotes safe driving
habits, minimizing potential vehicle incidents.

By Team
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