txtNation unveils new HLR Lookup platform

Telecom Lead Europe: txtNation, a mobile billing provider
and SMS aggregator, has released its new HLR Lookup platform capable
of processing several thousand messages per second.

The announcement comes on the back of txtNation’s plans
for a new, upgraded bulk SMS Gateway, an area in which txtNation already excel,
within the mobile SMS messaging arena.


The company has recently implemented new API connections
and server architecture to cope with the increasing volumes running though
their mobile messaging platform.


HLR lookup allows businesses to locate and check if a
mobile number is in existence and more importantly it goes further in aiding
mobile marketers to check what mobile network the customer is bound to and if
they have had a mobile number port.


“With our growth in mobile billing now comes our
growth in messaging, with our Bulk SMS messaging volumes up over 200% from last
year. HLR is a frequently requested tool from our clients that wish to combine
the use of mobile number lookup with their Bulk SMS and sometimes even billing
activities. Put simply, we simply could not ignore this demand,” said Michael
Whelan, director of txtNation.


The company said that there are many benefits to HLR.
Businesses can improve their Bulk SMS campaign success by only sending to valid
mobile numbers and therefore reducing costs and improving their overall
campaign ROI.


In the billing space, businesses can check what mobile
network the customer belongs to, therefore helping to eliminating billing
complications and increasing accuracy.


txtNation provide worldwide coverage for HLR Lookup,
across all mobile operators and deliver results at a staggering speed with
accuracy served through several common API options, including HTTP or SMPP.


txtNation release direct operator billing for easy mobile


Last year, txtNation made available its Direct Operator
Billing for service providers looking for new ways to monetise their content
and digital services.


Ireland was the first market to deploy this form of
billing, Furthermore, the company announced partnerships with networks O2 and
Vodafone. Further markets and networks will be opened up later in the year.


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