U.S. mobile news sites do not meet customer expectations


Ninety four percent of the mobile news sites in the U.S. measured provide load time speeds that do not meet consumers’ expectations of five seconds or less, according to Compuware Corporation, a technology performance company.


Global mobile consumer’ expectations are not being met, with a majority of users experiencing slow or unreliable mobile website and application performance. As the survey findings illustrate, although mobile users expect quick, anytime transactions that work flawlessly every time, that’s not what they’re getting.


The U.S. Media News mobile site performance index measures the average response time, availability and consistency of mobile-optimized versions of select U.S. news media websites.


The benchmark allows organizations to compare and track mobile website performance against competitors and market leaders so they can compete more effectively and meet consumers’ expectations for fast and reliable web and mobile site experiences.


Of the sixteen companies measured on the benchmark from June 1 – July 1, 2011, AOL News was the only company to provide an average response time under five seconds at 3.7 seconds.


One of the most convenient uses for web-enabled mobile devices is having instant access to breaking news from all over the world. If users seeking information in real time experience a slow or malfunctioning mobile website, they will go to competitor sites,” said Jonathan Ranger, Gomez Benchmarks practice director, Compuware.


Expectations for mobile service performance are high, with consumers expecting the mobile Internet to perform on par with the desktop Internet. These sites need to deliver fast and successful mobile experiences or risk not only driving away site visitors but potential advertising partners,” Ranger added.


By Telecomlead.com Team
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