U.S. Preventive Medicine in pact with Qualcomm Life to enhance mobile health app

Telecom Lead America: U.S. Preventive Medicine announced
its development collaboration with Qualcomm Life for functionality enhancements
to Macaw, a mobile health and fitness app.

The collaboration will assist the U.S. Preventive
Medicine to accelerate integration with wireless devices, monitors and sensors
that are part of Qualcomm Life’s 2net Platform and wireless health

Macaw powered by The Prevention Plan, was launched in
December 2011 as an app combining calorie, nutrition and activity tracking,
health assessment, education, and game theory to motivate healthy behaviors.

Enabled by Qualcomm Life, Macaw is designed to become the
ultimate digital health monitor, integrating with wireless devices, monitors
and sensors, as well as other popular health and fitness apps, creating a
dashboard of health metrics all in one convenient app.

The mobile health marketplace is exploding with health
apps and wireless devices, all providing unprecedented data about a person’s
individual biometrics and health status. The challenge is that consumers can
easily become overwhelmed with data.

Through our collaboration with Qualcomm Life and
integration with the 2net Platform, we are building Macaw to serve as the
ultimate personal health monitor to collect all the disparate data and present
it to the user in a meaningful, actionable way,” said Christopher Fey,
founder, CEO and chairman of U.S. Preventive Medicine. 

Macaw is based on the clinical science of preventive
medicine and is universally designed for people who exercise regularly as well
as those who are novices when it comes to physical activity. Macaw currently
syncs with the Fitlinxx Actiped+ all-day activity monitor, and WorkSmart Labs’
weight loss and fitness app, Noom Weight Loss.

“Through our strategic collaboration, Qualcomm Life
and U.S. Preventive Medicine can transform consumers’ health data into
actionable health intelligence that may enable them to live healthier, longer,
more fulfilling lives,” said Rick Valencia, vice president and general
manager of Qualcomm Life.

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