Unicorn Media supports live streaming to mobile devices


Media, a digital media management provider, announced that it has expanded its
patented technology platform, Unicorn Once to support live streaming to mobile
devices through Unicorn Once Live.


Once Live is built on the unique capabilities of Unicorn Once, allowing content
owners to deliver live content to thousands of Internet-connected devices such
as iDevices, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile 7, set-top boxes, game consoles,
etc., while easily incorporating dynamic ad integration and real-time video
analytics across all platforms.


availability of Unicorn Once Live allows Unicorn Media customers
to experience the same unique benefits of Unicorn Once for live content. Until
now, Unicorn Once was available only for video-on-demand (VOD) content.


other do-it-yourself mobile delivery solutions currently available, Unicorn Once
and Unicorn Once Live are not client SDKs or server-stitched solutions, they
are patented technologies that allow Unicorn Media customers to ingest their
content one time and receive a single URL in return.


URL can be used to dynamically deliver monetized content to thousands of
devices while providing real-time analytics through Unicorn Vision.
Unicorn Once and Unicorn Once Live provide the same ubiquitous
capabilities viewers are accustomed to in typical browser or Flash-based


Once and Unicorn Once Live deliver a play-out experience with the
sophistication usually expected from a complex client while completely removing
the necessity for a player on devices such as iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm,
Windows Mobile 7, game consoles, set-top boxes, etc.


owners can now dynamically insert interstitial ad breaks including
personalization and ad targeting (from any ad provider or their own inventory)
for live or VOD content to mobile or iDevices with no added complexity to their


Once Live is the next obvious evolution for our ground-breaking Unicorn Once
technology. We will continue to expand the Unicorn Once solution as we are
committed to providing our customers with cutting edge technology for
delivering video to their audiences  – any device, any time, anywhere,” said
Bill Rinehart, founder and CEO, Unicorn Media.


Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]


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