Vdopia unveils VDO: new format for mobile video advertising


Vdopia, the mobile video advertising company,
announced .VDO: a new file format that enables advertisers and publishers
to run video-enabled ads on the mobile web without Flash or plug-ins.


This format powers Vdopia’s Mobile Video Advertising solution, which allows brands to auto-play video on
mobile web pages, adjacent to content, on virtually any smartphone
without disrupting the user’s web-browsing experience. Currently, .VDO
Mobile Video Ads run across iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry (OS5/OS6)
devices. Windows Phone 7 and Symbian are expected to be officially certified in
Q3 2011.


“Our new .VDO technology makes mobile video ads
scalable for the first time ever, using nothing but HTML5 and Javascript. With
mobile usage and smartphone ownership rapidly climbing worldwide, Vdopia
continues to push the boundaries in mobile video advertising to help advertisers,
their agencies and publishers accomplish their business objectives,” said
Srikanth Kakani, founder, Vdopia.

Prior to the .VDO format,
brand marketing efforts across iOS, Android and BlackBerry were complex and
cost-prohibitive to enable. Advertisers had to choose between a richer
experience on a single platform (often limited to running inside apps) or
static banner ads for broadest reach.


With the .VDO format, it is now possible to auto-play
video inside mobile web browsers across all of these platforms with a single
implementation, enabling marketers to leverage their existing TV and digital
video assets to create a true, broad-reach integrated campaign.


During its beta period, Vdopia’s .VDO allowed partners
such as Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Microsoft, Samsung, Bausch &
Lomb, Lufthansa, Nokia, Vodafone and Disney to do just that in key global


For publishers, the .VDO format upgrades mobile
advertising inventory to multimedia capability without any additional
investment. Publishers simply install Vdopia’s HTML5 tags, saving time and


Among those already using the format to power parts
of their ad inventory are Meredith, Condé Nast, The Onion, Perez Hilton, Buzz
Media and Kargo (the exclusive mobile publisher for Rolling Stone, Spin, Us
Weekly and Shape, among others) in North America and NDTV, Converse and
Newshunt in Asia.


Brands are going to love the mobile video banner. This
ad creative has never been done before and drives great response. It provides
three powerful aspects: serving video ads within traditional banner
real-estate; keeping users on the page without annoying distractions; and
increasing video reach and measurability. We are very excited to work with
Vdopia on releasing this exciting new inventory type,” said Harry Kargman,
founder and CEO, Kargo


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]