Verizon Unveils Advanced Digital Media Management and Distribution Platform for Entertainment Industry to Capitalize on New ‘Content-to-Consumer’ Experiences

Verizon announced it is introducing new content-to-consumer delivery capabilities to help entertainment and media companies and capitalize on consumers’ appetite for live and on-demand, personalized video content on their smartphones, tablets and other devices.
The  Verizon Digital Media Services solution will automate previously manual workflow processes associated with formatting, managing and delivering digital media to virtually any device or platform on a large scale.
Content owners and digital retailers can effectively produce, manage and distribute premium programming to consumers when, how and where they want to view it. Verizon Digital Media Services will help content owners and digital media retailers tackle wide-scale content management and distribution challenges.  It will also enable high-quality and reliable individualized video streams tailored to fit consumer preferences on virtually any viewing screen.
  Verizon is creating a first-of-its-kind automated digital utility,” said Mike Millegan, president of Global Wholesale, Verizon. With this unique delivery platform, built on top of Verizon’s high-IQ infrastructure, content owners, entertainment companies and digital media retailers will be able to create new business models that capitalize and deliver on the promise of digital entertainment.”
Verizon is making a bold play in the digital media distribution space by creating an innovative new category of service based on an automated supply chain model.  It’s likely that Verizon Digital Media Services will stimulate new thinking about different ways to package, deliver and consume all forms of digital media content,” said Melanie Posey, vice president of hosting and managed network services for IDC.
Companies including Turner Broadcasting, Hearst Magazines and The Associated Press will be among the first to explore Verizon Digital Media Services’ capabilities.  To deal with the expected explosion in digital media demand, digital media retailers and content publishers would otherwise need to make multimillion-dollar capital and IT investments. Instead, VDMS will proactively adapt to the rapid pace of technology and allow customers to focus on accelerating their business.
Other vendors contributing to the Verizon Digital Media Services offering include Motorola, which is providing advanced software that enables media transformation and automated workflow management; Alcatel-Lucent, which is enabling content delivery and adaptive streaming technology for unicast; and HP, which is providing high-performance ProLiant server technology.