Verizon Wireless unveils new tools for mobile application developers


From the Verizon Developer Community (VDC) Conference,
Verizon Wireless announced a number of tools available to members of the VDC
with several new third-party technologies and services that will help
developers enhance the value of their applications.  


The tools range from retail solutions to brand enablers,
giving developers cost-effective solutions to develop applications for existing
and future wireless networks.


“Verizon continues to look for ways to provide value
to the developer ecosystem by leveraging new tools to augment the development
process.  Each company we partner with provides a unique offering to
developers for enhancing and monetizing applications while increasing user
engagement,” said Todd Murphy, director, Consumer Solutions Group at
Verizon Wireless.


Companies that help foster the creation of new mobile
applications by providing the necessary tools and enablers for the VDC include:


Kiip: Kiip partners with top-tier brands to offer
consumers real rewards for playing the games they love. This
“achievements-based” approach allows brands to connect with customers
during meaningful moments and gives game developers the power to increase user
retention while generating incremental revenue.  The Kiip SDK is available
for both iOS and Android platforms.


Retailigence: Shoppers utilize smartphones, mobile apps
and location-based services (LBS) as a means to gather information about the
products that they are interested in buying.  Through the Retailigence
API, Web and mobile apps can provide accurate local product availability and
pricing information so that the consumer is better informed and digitally
assisted along the path to purchase.  


The Retailigence API, which consists of more than 5
million products and 65,000 store locations, can be used to help shoppers find
nearby products in the same manner that people use mobile apps to find nearby
coffee shops.


Footfeed: With the growing adoption of location-based
check-in networks, brands are increasingly looking for ways to engage their
customers through these channels. Footfeed offers the first white label
“multi check-in” platform to build custom branded location-based
campaigns, promotions and events that work with all the major check-in


Footfeed is designed to power a variety of location-based
programs within mobile and online solutions to support a new product launch,
drive traffic to retail locations, or increase participation at live events,
among others.  


Verizon recently announced that it is adding
Mobile Satellite Solutions to its Private IP service suite, combining a highly
reliable connection with portable satellite technology to provide services
where traditional terrestrial services are unavailable, unreliable or


By leveraging Verizon’s multiprotocol label switching
(MPLS) global private IP network, these satellite services provide Private IP
customers with access to their private networks from virtually any place within
the satellite coverage area.


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