VidSys unveils mobile app for first responders

VidSys, a provider of Physical Security Information
Management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and
security situations in real time, unveiled its new mobile application.

Available on the Android and iOS platforms, the
application furthers the existing VidSys PSIM software’s field collaboration
capabilities by providing a user friendly interface designed specifically for
first responders, who require real-time information as they respond to
unfolding security and safety situations.

With this new mobile application, information is
presented in a quick and easy-to-digest format. Now, real-time information
sharing and two-way collaboration between responders and command center
operators is made even easier, and command center operators can better monitor,
track and ensure responder safety.

“Across Washington, D.C., there are thousands of
first responders actively responding to critical events on a daily basis, who
rely on technology to help them more safely and effectively approach and react
to unfolding situations,” said Captain David Mulholland, commander of
Technology Services.

“This capability is a mission critical and powerful
tool because it enables us to not only respond faster and more effectively, but
it also provides an added layer of protection for our responders, who risk
their lives daily, by giving them immediate insight into the situation as they
approach the scene,” Mulholland added.

Situations are assigned to responders based on their role
and proximity. Upon accepting the situation, they can easily access relevant
data on their mobile device.

The application eliminates potential distractions by
providing only those details that pertain to that situation, enabling a more
effective response while ensuring that the right people are accessing and
monitoring the right information.

“Getting the right information to first responders
at the right time enables a more effective and safe response, ultimately
protecting and, potentially, saving critical assets and lives,” said James
Chong, founder and CTO,

“By expanding our mobile capabilities to enhance the
collaboration between command center operators and first responders with this
first-of-its-kind application, we are providing first responders with advanced
capabilities that improve their safety as they protect the public,” Chong

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