VoiceTrust expands with Mobile Payments in Middle East

VoiceTrust Holding, a global provider of voice biometrics
based services announced the acquisition of VoiceCash Middle East for an
undisclosed amount.


The acquired entity has been renamed as VoiceTrust
eServices MENA (Middle East North Africa).


This is a strategic acquisition as it strengthens its
expansion into the MENA region as well as into the fast growing financial
services space of Prepaid and Mobile Payments.
Voice biometrics has the potential to revolutionize customer authentication and
enable financial inclusion in emerging markets.


It is natural, convenient and scalable. Customers no
longer need to memorize PINs and passwords, they just use their voice to have
their identity verified,” said Tariq Habib, group CEO of VoiceTrust Holding.


VoiceTrust has
millions of users across North America and Europe, currently benefiting from
its Voice Biometric Security (VBS) services. One of the key market
differentiators for VoiceTrust has been its innovative approach in enabling
real-life applications using VBS. One of its flagship business models, branded
Proof-of-Life(TM), provides convenient, secure and very low cost transactions
for e-Government as well as e-Commerce usage.


VoiceTrust Holding is a global innovator in voice
biometrics based security and mobile payments with offices in New Jersey,
Amsterdam, Munich and Dubai. VoiceTrust provides security and enables payments
in cyberspace. As a choice of Fortune 500 customers worldwide, its technology
and services are used in a variety of security related solutions. Recently,
VoiceTrust has expanded its strategy and focused on creating and delivering end
user services underpinned by its mobile-wallet and Voice biometric platforms.


By TelecomLead.com Team
[email protected]