Vopium unveils real BlackBerry WiFi calling app

Vopium announced that its BlackBerry Wi-Fi calling app
eliminates several drawbacks and provides consumers and business users with
free international and domestic Wi-Fi calls, as well as international calls
over GSM and CDMA for as little as less than 1 cent per minute.

Vopium is the first VoIP service provider to offer a
Wi-Fi calling app through BlackBerry App World. The Vopium app does not require
users to connect with a local call, a major limitation of many other Wi-Fi
calling apps. Unlike UMA-based Wi-Fi calling services provided by a few mobile
operators, the Vopium app offers least-cost routing to both mobile and landline
numbers whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

This design provides users significant savings with no
trade-offs in call quality. For example, U.S. BlackBerry owners can make Wi-Fi
calls with Vopium to mobile or landline numbers globally without their
carrier’s international charges because the calls are routed through Vopium’s
network. The Vopium users don’t consume their cellular voice minutes, aren’t
limited to only calling other Vopium users and avoid the many hassles of using
a calling card.

When connected to Wi-Fi, there are no
international-roaming charges, so when traveling internationally, Vopium users
can make local and international calls to mobile or landline numbers for as
little as less than 1 cent per minute. When the other party also has a Vopium
app on their Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian or Windows Mobile smartphone,
Wi-Fi calls and text messages are free.

The Vopium app
makes it easy for users to know if they are connected to and placing calls via Wi-Fi.
Vopium designed the app to minimize battery consumption, so users can make
frequent Wi-Fi calls and still have battery life that lasts at least a full
day. This makes Wi-Fi calling a viable replacement for office desk phones and
home phones.

“The new Vopium BlackBerry app is the latest example
of our commitment to provide consumers and business users with high-quality,
low-cost international and domestic calling,” said
Vopium founder and CEO Tanveer Sharif.

“Unlike other Wi-Fi calling apps that rely on
bridging and other limited architectures, the Vopium BlackBerry app frees users
to make calls in more places and on their terms. No other BlackBerry Wi-Fi
calling app can match Vopium’s combination of savings, convenience, battery
life, wireline interoperability and mobile operator independence. This app
democratizes Wi-Fi calling for BlackBerry users, with no caveats and
gotchas,” Sharif added.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]