XcelMobility enters LBS market sphere with Mach 5 LBS feature

Telecom Lead Asia: XcelMobility, a developer of high
speed web browsing solutions, has entered into the LBS market space with the
launch of Mach 5 LBS (Location Based Service) as a featured product and
optional component of its Mach 5 browser accelerator product line.


“We believe this is the future nexus of application
development and the need for speed just got even more important. Within the
next few months we hope to carve out some new relationships with like-minded
carriers and manufacturers in order to move the product into the public arena
as quickly as possible,” said Ryan Ge, CEO of XcelMobility.


XcelMobility is also preparing to enter into the Asian
marketplace within the next few months, as it initiated talks with cellular
carriers, OEM manufacturers and retail distributors.


Mach 5 LBS is designed to benefit from the enhanced
service speeds available through Xcel’s Mach 5 Xcelerator. However, the product
is available as a stand-alone service.


The combined services are aimed at offering the best
possible experience for mobile users today and as a development platform for
future products.


Location Based Services (LBS) are relatively new, but
developers are keen to exploit the immense untapped potential that could prove
as explosive as the ongoing proliferation of “apps” over the past few


The company’s marquee product is the Mach 5 “Xcelerator”
that provides the fastest browsing experience available for mobile phones,
tablet PCs and laptops.


ZTE, China Unicom, Softbank and SK Telecom have tested
Mach 5 browser and verified that Mach 5 provides 5 to 10 times faster access to
the internet than standard web browsers.


The company said that Mach 5 used in conjunction with
LBS, offers an extraordinary platform for developers wishing to deploy a myriad
of high speed LBS applications.


XcelMobility in talks with Xinjiang Mobile to target mobile
corporate workforce


Recently, XcelMobility announced that Shenzhen LMI,
acting as Xcel’s sales agent in the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, started
negotiations with network operator Xinjiang Mobile.


The company was negotiating to offer Xcel Mobility’s Mach
5 Xcelerator technology to a key market segment of highly mobile, high
bandwidth consuming corporate sector clients.


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