Yandex selects NAVTEQ data to support online location services in Russia

Telecom Lead Team:
NAVTEQ, a global provider of
maps, traffic and location data enabling navigation, location-based services
and mobile advertising, has been selected to supply map data to Yandex, an
internet company of Russia.


Yandex will
now access NAVTEQ global map data to use on its Yandex domains around the


association with NAVTEQ, the leading map content provider, will
help us take Yandex maps to the level of a comprehensive, all-purpose mapping
service that can answer questions about countries throughout the world. We
already have happy experience sourcing map content from NAVTEQ,” said Maria
Orlova, head of Yandex’s maps production and quality control service.


The agreement
gives Yandex access to NAVTEQ’s highly detailed Map data, which includes data
from Europe to Eurasia, North America to Australia and Asia.


Last September
the company launched a web portal in Turkey and in October began offering
Turkish map services powered by NAVTEQ data.


is fast becoming a global force in internet portal development offering a wide
range of personalised search services such as Yandex.News, Yandex.Market,
Yandex.Mail and we can provide the right level of market-leading content to
further develop location based services outside of Russia. This is also an
excellent opportunity for us to further extend our global web portal presence,”
said Claude Martane, VP sales emerging markets at NAVTEQ


Recently, NAVTEQ announced the delivery of NAVTEQ Traffic over HD Radio to power
the launch of Garmin Digital Traffic by Garmin International, a provider of
satellite navigation.

deliver Traffic updates approximately every 30 seconds over 270,000 miles of
the HD Radio broadcasting system across the United States.


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