YouTube accounts for 67 percent of all videos viewed in Malaysia

networking accounted for one third of all time spent online in Malaysia in August 2011,
ranking as the top online activity for the market.

YouTube accounts for 67 percent of all videos viewed
in Malaysia.
Online video viewing
continues to be a growing activity in Malaysia.
The total online video viewing audience grew to nearly 9.3 million viewers in August 2011, up 8 percent from the previous year. Growth
in online video engagement was even more pronounced, as average minutes per
viewer increased 19 percent to 6.2 hours in August 2011

Sites ranked as the top video property in Malaysia
with 8.8 million viewers and 457 million videos during August
driven largely by, which accounted for 99 percent of
viewers and videos to the Google Sites property. ranked second
with 4.1 million viewers watching a total of 30.5 million videos during the
month, while VEVO saw nearly 3 million viewers watch 26.5 million videos
ranking as the third largest online video property in Malaysia.

video viewing continues to grow in Malaysia with
the viewing audience climbing 8 percent in the past year, while average viewing
minutes increased 19 percent, representing an additional hour of monthly
viewing time, according to comScore.

networking has become the central activity in Malaysians’ digital lives,
accounting for 1 in every 3 minutes spent online,” said Joe Nguyen, comScore vice president for Southeast Asia.

its importance today, brands and marketers need to ensure that social media is
addressed in their digital strategies whether that means having a dedicated
social media plan or simply monitoring consumer sentiment towards your brand,”
Nguyen added.

August, more than 11 million people age 15 and older accessed the Internet from
a home or work location in Malaysia. Among this
audience, 92.4 percent visited Google Sites, which ranked as the top online property
for the market with 10.4 million visitors. ranked as the second
most-visited property with nearly 9.9 million visitors, up 15 percent in the
past year, as the social networking giant continues to attract more users.

analysis using comScore Social Essentials, comScore’s social measurement
product, found that AirAsia and My.McDonalds managed to double the reach of
Facebook brand impressions by reaching friends of fans. These findings
highlight the importance of leveraging brands’ fan bases to extend the reach of
their brands and deliver impressions at scale and without additional marketing

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