ZTE, Vodacom DRC unveil iVAS solution in Congo

ZTE announced that it has jointly implemented an integrated value-added
platform solution (iVAS) in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, with
operator Vodacom DRC.

The iVAS system provides SMS services and aims to launch USSD services before
the end of 2012.

It has improved the Congo’s short message service center capacity tenfold,
relieving congestion and significantly improving service to approximately 5
million mobile users. The first phase of the project was completed in less than
90 days and included SMSC integration.

The previous SMS service in the Congo was costly to develop and had capacity
and delivery speed problems. It was therefore unable to satisfy the growing
demand for SMS among subscribers.

Vodacom is a pan-African mobile operator that operates in the Democratic
Republic of Congo as Vodacom DRC. It also operates in Lesotho, Mozambique,
South Africa, and Tanzania. British mobile operator Vodafone owns a 65 per cent
stake in Vodacom.

The ZTE-provided iVAS solution allows multiple services to be delivered on one
unified platform and supplies unified interfaces, operation methods and
maintenance. It is compatible with modular add-ons for WAP, MMS, SMS, USSD,
VMS, MCN/CMN and several other value-added capacities. The platform makes it
possible for Vodacom DRC to offer multiple services from a single platform and
share resources, resulting in a reduction in total cost of ownership.

“As a leading iVAS solutions provider, ZTE has a deep understanding of the
telecoms market in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” said Zhang Renjun, senior
vice president of ZTE.

ZTE iVAS solutions have been deployed by several operators around the globe,
such as: China Mobile, Telenor Montenegro, Telenor Scandinavia, Claro, APP and
Mobitel SriLanka.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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