Anritsu launches testing solutions for 5G chipsets, devices

Anritsu 5G testing
Leading test and measurement (T&M) company Anritsu announced the launch of its radio communication test station MT8000A platform for developing 5G chipsets and devices.

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Radio communication test station MT8000A contributes to solving 5G verification problems faced by leading chipset companies and device makers. 5G-enabled devices are expected to hit the global telecom market in 2019.

Chipset companies such as Intel and Qualcomm, and device makers such as Samsung, LG, Apple, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Sony, Nokia, among others, are expected to be some of the customers of 5G testing solutions.

Anritsu 5G testing

# Support for RF Measurements and Protocol Tests in Sub-6 GHz and Millimeter Wave bands

# With a 5G base station emulation function, a single MT8000A test platform supports both the sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave bands used by 5G

# Combining it with the OTA Chamber enables both millimeter wave band RF measurements and beamforming tests using call connections specified by 3GPP

# design provides flexible futureproof support for 5G test requirements, including URLLC (Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications) and mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications)

# Supports existing LTE test environment

Anritsu said its 5G testing platform MT8000A will support for broadband signal processing and beamforming technologies required by ultrafast broadband 5G communications. Anritsu, which is showcasing its latest testing solutions at MWC 2018, said MT8000A supports RF and protocol tests for the sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave bands.

Japan-based Anritsu has already developed the products supporting the LTE-Advanced Pro technology bridge to 5G systems. Anritsu expects to play a key role in facilitating a smooth and fast transition from 4G to 5G mobile communications by offering measurement solutions helping early rollout of 5G systems.