How China Unicom reduced cost of cloud transformation with Huawei

China Unicom for mobile usersHuawei said its CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution helped China Unicom Henan Branch to deploy a distributed cloud data center.

This distributed cloud data center reuses resources from China Unicom Henan’s Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) equipment rooms to improve resource utilization and reduce the cost of cloud transformation.

The transformed data center delivers localized cloud services with low latency, secure data isolation, and a unified management platform. These features satisfy the increasing demand for cloud services from local government, medical, and educational institutions, as well as small and medium businesses (SMBs).

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Telecom operators need to use resources in PSTN equipment rooms to reduce capital expenditure (Capex) because PSTN networks are made obsolete by all-optical networks. Telecom operators also need to reconstruct networks to meet demands for cloud services.

China Unicom Henan’s cloud data center reuses PSTN resources in multiple cities to implement unified management and sharing of computing, storage, and network resources. China Unicom transfers all key data within the local city to guarantee secure and efficient smart government services.

China Unicom ensures local private line and technical support services for SMBs. Its localized cloud services also ensure low latency and high-quality of services such as enterprise system hot standby, video conferencing, and desktop cloud.

China Unicom Henan’s cloud data center uses a 1+4+N distributed architecture: one provincial cloud data center management platform in the central base in capital Zhengzhou, four geographical regions (in the east, west, north, and south of the province), and N municipal data centers.

Huawei said the cloud data center management platform interconnects with various cloud platforms by leveraging the Huawei CloudFabric solution’s cloud-and-network synergy, to implement centralized management, operation, and resource scheduling for the municipal data centers.

CloudFabric uses a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architecture and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) technology to connect networks within or across the four geographical regions. The municipal data centers offer localized cloud services and rack/bandwidth leasing services.

“Huawei’s CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution helped China Unicom Henan build an agile, open, and secure distributed cloud data center, and deliver high-quality localized cloud services for government, medical, education, and SMB customers,” said Yu Li, general manager of the Huawei Data Center Network Domain.