Keysight demos 5G NR testing with DatangMobile’s base station

Keysight 5G testing
Test and measurement (T&M) company Keysight Technologies conducted demonstration of 5G New Radio (NR) technology including its UE emulation platform with DatangMobile’s base station in China Mobile’s booth — at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018.

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The demo of DatangMobile’s 5G NR base station with Keysight’s UE emulation system shows the compatibility with 3GPP R15 air interface requirements, and the achievement of outstanding throughput.

“China has taken a leadership role in driving the 5G global ecosystem,” said Giampaolo Tardioli, vice president of Keysight’s Network Access group. “DatangMobile has now demonstrated that they are leading the way for delivering the China operators’ requirements into the market.”

Xiaonan Sun, executive vice president, DatangMobile, said Keysight can address any part of the test system, offering flexible configurations to meet specific requirements. Keysight’s leadership in test systems is fundamental in helping accelerate 5G plans.

Kalyan Sundhar, vice president of Mobility, Virtualization and Applications at Keysight, said “Keysight’s purchase of Ixia last year has enabled us to combine powerful UE emulation into Keysight’s vast test and analysis solutions for RF and microwave systems.

“This allows us to deliver a complete Keysight UE emulation system that includes load and functional testing as well as channel emulation and mmWave capability to our customers,” Kalyan Sundhar said.