MWC19 – Nokia brings new Anyhaul transport solutions

Nokia announced enhancements to its Anyhaul transport solutions that help operators for delivering throughput speeds of up to 25 Gbps to base stations.
Nokia Anyhaul transport solutions for 5G
The launches span microwave, optical, IP and broadband technologies within a carrier Software Defined Networking (SDN) transport architecture.

This simplifies the integration of transport with cloud-based radio access and core networks, enabling an automated end-to-end 5G network slicing and service provisioning system.

Telecom engineers can dynamically provision Nokia Anyhaul transport solutions to support the massive connectivity, extreme low latency and high throughput demands of 5G services. Programmability and automation dynamically create transport network slices to cost-effectively match diverse application and user needs with end-to-end service delivery guarantees.

The Nokia Anyhaul solutions enable global mobile operators to deploy the optimal mix of transport technologies to create a flexible fabric that matches their unique network and business needs.

A new release of the Nokia Wavence microwave portfolio supports carrier aggregation to combine frequency bands in the traditional uWave or mmWave frequencies or even with existing third-party microwaves to achieve 5G-ready microwave throughput beyond 10 Gbps.

Nokia said the 2+0 E-Band systems ensure 20 Gbps throughput, as a single radio can provide 10 Gbps with the new 2 GHz channel bandwidth. These E-Band ultra-broadband radios are ready to be deployed in small form factor hardware variants to provide fiber-like backhauling for small cells. The Wavence family includes a new compact 5G-ready transceiver called UBT-C for optimal last mile connections.

The Nokia 1830 Versatile WDM Module (VWM) Translation Line Unit (TLU)-200 provides high density wavelength translation at 10 Gbps and 25 Gbps speeds targeting Cloud RAN and Edge Cloud requirements. It improves reliability of fronthaul connectivity for 4G Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI)/Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) and 5G eCPRI data.

Nokia 7250 IXR-e, a compact interconnect router, is designed to support 5G and edge cloud requirements at or near base stations with 1/10/25/100 GE interfaces. The 7250 IXR-e features a compact architecture with efficient cooling and optimized space efficiency for minimal installation costs.

Nokia has trialed 25G PON proof of concept with T-1 operators in North America and Japan in January 2019 — offering 25 Gbps speeds. 25G PON enables more radio access sites to be connected on the same fiber to reduce costs.