Nokia to launch femtocell for small office on Qualcomm chip

Femtocell marketNokia will be launching Nokia Femtocell Multi-band SOHO, a femtocell platform for the Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) – on Qualcomm chipset.

The capabilities of Femtocell Multi-band Residential platform, which are well known for residential purposes, will be expanded to SOHO deployments, which includes small enterprises, coffee shops, restaurants, small hotels and more.

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The Nokia Femtocell Multi-band SOHO features Qualcomm FSM 99xx chipset, which enables better power consumption, integration for enterprise-grade femtocells, as well as optimization for low cost and support for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) configuration.

The latest Ethernet-powered femtocells from Nokia is capable of supporting 32 UMTS and up to 64 LTE device users simultaneously, and ease the transition from 3G to 4G or 2x LTE bands in combination for faster LTE data rate.

Nokia will be launching the Femtocell Multi-band SOHO in frequency band combinations supporting Latin America, Europe, North American and Asia Pacific.

“The Femtocell Multi-band SOHO is a self-deploying, highly flexible and high-performance solution for operators to bring coverage and high capacity in smaller indoor enterprise and public indoor environments,” said Jyoti Boppana, head of Femto product management, Nokia.

The telecom industry is expecting a substantial increase in the indoor deployments in the evolution towards ultra-dense networks. Multi-band SOHO Femtocell is a key tool to cost-effectively assist telecom operators in enterprise customer buildings and small public indoor locations.

Nick Karter, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, said the platform includes integrated solutions that support advanced connectivity features, such as self-organization, self-optimizing, Plug and Play over standard Ethernet connections, and VoLTE.

Nokia is currently conducting operator trials for the new Femtocell platform in several key telecom markets. Nokia is expected to launch femtocells for small offices later in 2017.

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