Subex signs IoT security deal with Pod Solutions

Subex analytics for telecomsGlobal telecom analytics company Subex announced its deal with Pod Solutions to deploy its IoT security solution as part of Pod Group’s billing and connectivity service.

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Pod Solutions partners with industry leaders to build tools that reduce the complexity and accelerate the adoption of IoT applications.

The contract with Bangalore-based Subex will enable Pod Solutions to develop advanced security services, allowing customers to rapidly create, deploy and bill mission critical IoT solutions with maximum security and resilience.

Alistair Elliott, CEO of Pod Solutions said: “The Subex IoT solution- Subex Secure allows us to scale towards providing the most cutting-edge security solutions to millions of IoT devices, thereby providing us with a competitive advantage.”

“We were selected after a comprehensive evaluation, wherein we proved our capability to detect various attacks through Subex threat intelligence system, leveraging our industry leading IoT honeypot. These coupled with our flexible business model and non-intrusive approach helped us to secure this partnership,” said Vinod Kumar, COO of Subex.