ZTE displays 5G products at MWC 2019

ZTE has made several 5G related announcements at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) in Barcelona.
ZTE 5G at MWC 2019
ZTE could not announce any 5G network deals during the telecom event. ZTE rivals such as Ericsson and Nokia announced 5G network deals. Huawei made an announcement about the 5G trial with Maxis of Malaysia.

ZTE has lost considerable business after US imposing $1 billion penalty on the China-based telecom network company. Since ZTE was unable to source components from US partners, it could not do business for some time last year.

China Mobile

ZTE announced its agreement with China Mobile Research Institute for the development of operator defined next-generation intelligent RAN (O-RAN).

Ultra-broadband Radio

ZTE has released Tri-band Ultra-broadband Radio (UBR) and the dual-band Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) Massive multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO). ZTE’s RF module integrates three frequency bands of 900M, 1800M, and 2,100M – paving the way for the industry’s evolution to 5G New Radio (5G NR).

The Tri-Band UBR features 20 percent reduction in volume, 30 percent reduction in weight, and 60 percent reduction in installation time. The Tri-band UBR lowers the requirement for installation space and site rental costs, maximizing the space for 5G deployment.

Dual-band FDD Massive MIMO also provides 32T32R and supports 3-carrier configuration. A single device can achieve 2Gbps throughput and a spectral efficiency improvement of 3 to 6 times in a commercial environment.

Dual-band FDD Massive MIMO has an output power of 200W, providing better coverage while reducing windward side by 28 percent.

“With shipment volume currently reaching 150,000 sets to date, the newly released Tri-band UBR product provides customers with the simplest possible site solution,” said Tang Xue, planning director of FDD Product Division at ZTE.


ZTE is demonstrating 5G Virtualized Edge User Plane Function (UPF). Customers of UPF can achieve 3x performance in the throughput of single server’s forwarding plane from 60Gbps to180Gbps, 90 percent cut in latency from 100us to 10us, and 55 percent reduction in the power consumption per Gbit.

Light Cloud

ZTE has launched Light Cloud, an NFVI solution powered by Intel Xeon D processors solution, for the transformation of access network. ZTE said the solution can significantly reduce equipment footprint and construction cost of cloud infrastructure.

ZTE has unveiled China’s robot remote control demo through 5G network. ZTE showed 5G enabled intelligent manufacturing. ZTE also presented the cloud VR based on 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC). ZTE will showcase its 5G-based Smart Water-control and Monitoring solution.

ZTE has completed a video call on a 5G smartphone in association with Wind Tre and Open Fiber on the 5G pilot network in L’Aquila from Barcelona.