Agilent unveils Genesys 2014 RF simulation and synthesis software

Agilent Technologies has unveiled Genesys 2014, its RF simulation and synthesis software designed for circuit and system designers.

The Agilent EEsof EDA software features modulated RF analysis as well as enhancements to its custom-filter direct synthesis technology.

Genesys 2014 enables designers to simulate digitally modulated RF signals found in defense and consumer wireless applications.

The testing vendor said rival’s simulators provide single-value results for EVM, BER or ACPR. Whereas, Genesys 2014 delivers system budget analysis of these digital modulation metrics for every component in the system block diagram in a single pass. RF designers will benefit from the ability to identify culprit components causing digital performance failures.

Agilent Technologies

Genesys 2014’s embedded numeric dataflow simulator also enables easy verification against the latest wireless standards for WLAN 802.11ac and LTE-3GPP. RF designers will be free from setting complex dataflow parameters to verify their circuits or systems against wireless standards.

“When designing the new Genesys 2014 modulated RF capability, we wanted to make it extremely intuitive for RF designers,” said How-Siang Yap, Genesys product planning manager with Agilent EEsof EDA.

Genesys 2014 revamps its direct-synthesis technology for seamless workspace integration to allow multiple custom filters to be interactively designed together. Powerful equivalent network transforms can then be used, allowing designers to realize their designs in lumped and/or distributed printed circuit boards.

Genesys 2014 also now features X-parameters models for use in nonlinear circuit and system simulation.

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