Amdocs CEO Eli Gelman: We excel thanks to innovation and customer demands

Amdocs CEO and President Eli Gelman said that the customer experience management solutions provider excels thanks to its innovation and customer demands.

Speaking at InTouch Singapore 2013, Eli Gelman, president and CEO, Amdocs, said that the company will continue to innovate to give more solutions suitable for the Asia Pacific region.

Amdocs will not change CES 9, the newly launched solution that will be available for commercial deployment from this month. “But we will improve on it. We will have newer versions,” Gelman added.

“When we have competition and sophisticated customers, there will be focus on customer experience,” Gelman said. “We are working towards operator demands. We do not care whether it is video, data or voice. We do not care whether it is pre-paid or post-paid users.”

Though Amdocs has hundreds of patents, the company continues to be innovative. It recently opened an innovation center in associaton with SingTel in Israel. It is the second innovation center. The first one is with AT&T, American telecom giant.

Amdocs focuses on few select areas. “We excel in our focus areas. That’s why we are growing — a $3 billion + company.”

Trends in Asia Pacific

Alfred Binford, president, Consulting Division, Amdocs, on Wednesday said the company is focusing more on the Asia Pacific region to strengthen its presence with telecom operators and enterprises.

Today’s market is changing fast and customers want more. Ayal Shiran, president, Amdocs Customer Business Group, says Amdocs is assisting telecom service providers around the world to meet the rising expectations of today’s consumer.

Amdocs expanded its end-to-end solutions. “We expanded our partner eco-system. Several partners and customers are here,” Shiran added.

Amdocs also added some interesting customer case studies.


Amdocs has assisted Sprint to improve customer experience. 14,000 agents are using Amdocs systems to ensure better customer experience. Sprint will add another 8,000 shortly.


The 4G service provider in the U.K. has relied on Amdocs for its 4G network roll out.

TIM Brazil

World Cup Football in 2014 and Olympics in 2016 will significantly add data usage in Brazil. TIM Brazil has implemented a project in association with Amdocs. Recently, it won an award for this project.


Astro, Malaysia’s first pre-paid TV service provider, implemented a billing project in association with Amdocs. Astro has increased its subscriber base significantly.

Pix: is from Amdocs 2012 InTouch event.

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