China Telecom, Huawei deploy SDN-based IDC networks

China Telecom’s Beijing branch and Huawei have jointly deployed software-defined network (SDN)-based Internet Data Center (IDC) networks.

This is the world’s first commercial deployment of SDN technology-based IDC networks. China Telecom also introduced new IDC services based on Huawei-developed SDN solution.

Zha Jun, president of Huawei’s Fixed Network Business Unit, said that the deployment of SDN-based IDC demonstrates China Telecom’s foresight in new technologies and Huawei’s strength in SDN.

Though China Telecom’s IDC is already the data hub for north China, the operator has taken the lead in deploying SDN technology on its IDC network to further enhance its competitiveness.

China Telecom and Huawei unveil deployment of SDN in carrier networks

China Telecom has delivered a service-centric IDC network and new business model focusing on both bandwidth resources and value-added services.

SDN and IDC are vital to future network architecture, and this practice symbols significance to the IDC industry and the entire telecommunication industry, said Huawei.

Xu Hong, vice GM of China Telecom’s Beijing branch, said the company’s new IDC services include DC-one for virtual resource services, DC-care for assurance services, DC-keeper for auxiliary services like detailed traffic reporting, and DC-private for customized services.

The SDN solution for China Telecom’s IDC comprises components such as smart network controller (SNC), powered by SDN control algorithm (Flow Engine), and orchestrator NetMatrix, achieving traffic optimization for data center egress nodes, and definition of traffic optimization policies, thus enhancing resource efficiency and user experience.

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