Cisco India revenue up 29% in Q3, faces adverse biz conditions in China

Telecom Lead Asia: Cisco’s India revenue in the third quarter of fiscal 2013 increased 29 percent. In China, Cisco revenue rose 8 percent due to adverse business conditions.

Cisco’s revenue in emerging countries rose 13 percent in Q3 against 6 percent in Q2.

Cisco chairman and CEO John T Chambers told analysts last week that growth in Russia was 16 percent, Brazil up 14 percent, and Mexico 4 percent.

The Americas region grew 7 percent. U.S. public sector rose 5 percent with state and local and education growing 13 percent and U.S. Federal declining 3 percent.

“We also continue to see challenges in China, largely Cisco specific, relating to the business environment. We do believe we are making progress, although we expect these challenges in China to last several more quarters,” said Chambers.

Growth in Cisco’ Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia region was flat in Q3 following a decline of 6 percent in Q2.

Cisco’s business segments like enterprise grew 3 percent, commercial grew 3 percent, from an orders perspective its service provider grew 8 percent and global public sector grew 1 percent.

Cisco’s Q3 FY 2013 revenue to 5.4 percent increase to $12.2 billion. Cisco’s net income rose 14.5 percent to $2.5 billion.

Cisco CEO is confident about its strategies for gaining market share in future.

Its cloud data center revenue growth was up 77 percent, wireless was up 27 percent, and SP Wi-Fi up well over a 100 percent, and SP Video was up 30 percent.

Cisco CEO is happy about the company’s performance in the U.S. and emerging countries. In the U.S. its commercial business was up 13 percent, U.S. enterprise was up 10 percent, U.S. service provider was up 10 percent and U.S. public sector up 5 percent in terms of orders.

“We articulated our strategy in value proposition to deliver a new model for IT, where customers are embracing our unique ability to drive an open systems approach to greater networking automation, optimization and programmability,” Chambers said.

“With the role the network plays at the centre of every transition, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help our customers manage through and capitalize on the opportunities ahead and in so doing, meet our goal of becoming the number one IT company,” he added.

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