MATRIXX Software wins TelecomLead Innovation Leaders Award 2020

MATRIXX Software, a leader in 5G digital commerce solutions for communication service providers (CSPs), is one of the winners of Innovation Leaders 2020.
MATTRIX Software - TelecomLead Innovation Leaders Award 2020

Starhub, one of the leading mobile operators in Singapore, in March tied up with MATRIXX Software to support in the development of giga!, Singapore’s first fully-digital mobile service, targeting the youth population.

MATRIXX Software’s MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform helped giga! to launch quickly, while providing the end-to-end user experience core to their mission. MATRIXX provided giga! with a flexible and robust online real-time monetization solution that helped the company to launch within six months.

StarHub selected MATRIXX because of its 100 percent digital tech stack that enabled giga! to install and deploy MATRIXX in a matter of months. Its configuration-based software allowed the giga! team to deliver on all of its business requirements without any customization, saving time and money.

The API-based integration of the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform made it easy to plug into the network, IT and third-party components.

MATRIXX enabled giga! to provide no-contract plans that offer data, talk time and SMS messaging to meet the needs of 1.2 million Millennials and heavy data users, offer digitized payments for customers to buy and pay for services and deliver lifestyle packs of configurable services that enable customers to buy as little or as much as they need.

Johan Buse, chief of consumer business group at Starhub. “MATRIXX helped us achieve these goals and we are honored that our concentrated effort has been recognized by the Stevie Awards for excellence in innovation.”

The MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform is a packaged software solution engineered to be deployed and easily maintained, eliminating the need for customization while simplifying IT integration.

The MATRIXX approach is cloud native and standardized, enabling global telcos and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to fast-track their digital transformation efforts — delivering results in months, not years.

MATRIXX delivers a network-grade converged charging system (CCS) enabling efficient hyper-scaling of infrastructure to support consumer services, wholesale and enterprise marketplaces.

Global telecom leaders such as Vodafone, Swisscom, Verizon and Orange rely on MATRIXX for cloud native digital commerce solutions to radically increase operational agility, grow customer engagement and compete at web scale.

Glo Gordon, CEO of MATRIXX Software, said recently: “Demand for our digital commerce solution has never been higher. Network teams deploying 5G know that what has worked in the past will not work in the future.”

Winners of the Innovation Awards 2020 were selected by a group of technology journalists, analysts and telecom industry veterans. We are not disclosing their names since some of them have NDA-related issues.