Ooredoo Myanmar to launch 3G in 6 months, ahead of Telenor

Ooredoo Myanmar will launch 3G services in six months, ahead of Telenor.

The Middle East operator, which receiving the formal license to run telecom operations in Myanmar, said it would launch services within six months.

Telenor, which has committed $1 billion investment in Myanmar, today said it would launch 2G and 3G within 8 months.

Both telecom operators did not share specific launch plan.

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While Telenor is planning to provide network coverage for 90 percent of the population in Myanmar within five years, Ooredoo does not share its network launch plans and targets.

Ooredoo’s operations in Myanmar are developing rapidly.  In recent months Ooredoo has started building out its 3G network, partnering with telecom vendors to create mobile infrastructure. The 3G network infrastructure will support 4G.

Interestingly, both Telenor and Ooredoo are not considering 4G launch for the moment.

Ooredoo Myanmar get license

Ooredoo is also implementing its distribution plan, developing its market plan and has opened an official branch office in Myanmar ICT Park, Yangon.  The company’s in-market team is growing daily with training centres providing valuable learning and preparatory experiences for customer champions and sales staff.

Ooredoo will offer a range of mobile services to enrich people’s lives that go beyond voice and data to include mobile money services, mobile health, services to support farmers and agriculture and targeted initiatives for women and young people.

Ooredoo Myanmar CEO Ross Cormack said: “Our commitments go beyond the creation of telecom infrastructure. We are working to develop a vibrant communications ecosystem that places Ooredoo at the heart of every community, fostering local entrepreneurial talent, creating jobs for local people and offering opportunities for local businesses.”

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