Samsung Galaxy S4 review: does not worth at Rs 41,500 price

Telecom Lead India: It’s unfortunate that Samsung Galaxy S4 has already received several negative reviews due to lack of innovation and high price – Rs 41,500 — in India.

Samsung Galaxy S4, an upgraded version of Galaxy S III, reached Indian mobile market, with much hype. Several Bollywood celebrities danced to the tune of the mighty power of Samsung which expanded its marketing budget for Galaxy S4.

The well planned addition of extra software features will not alone satisfy the mobile consumer. That’s why Apple is unable to sell significantly in markets beyond the U.S.

Mobile consumers started loving bigger and better screen. But they need this value addition cost effectively, at least in India. I am emphasizing on the price factor because Rs 40,000 + is the average two months’ salary for Indians. EMI does not help them. But Samsung has other audiences to sell this premium brand. The audience I am referring to can buy Samsung’s other range or competition. Micromax says there’s no need for EMI as users can afford their phones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 offers bigger and better screen. But Samsung failed to make major changes to the design in the new variant to Galaxy SIII. I would say the Korean electronics giant’s Galaxy S4 has the same design as its predecessor. It will be a major put off for the mobile buyers.

However, there are small changes as Samsung seeks to be the innovator with the Galaxy S4.

Samsung, before launching Galaxy S4, decided to remove the curved back edges of the third version to show a fresh look for the fourth variant. But the device major has failed miserably to bring an innovative phone to the mobile market. Already, Samsung is under fire for copying.

Though the look of the silver edging around the sides, which has a brushed-metal look, may not be an attraction to Indian mobile buyers, there are a couple of pluses for Galaxy S4.

One of the users abroad said the sides of the Galaxy S4 feel much better than the Galaxy S III as they’re flatter and squarer. The Galaxy S4 is also thinner and lighter than the Galaxy S III despite a larger screen.

Some of the smartphone reviews suggest that Samsung should have used aluminium body for making Galaxy S4. I also feel that plastic may not be the best option.

There are other several advantages to Galaxy S4’s plastic body. Indians like plastic since it does not generate too much heat. Samsung may have done this deliberately in order to avoid copying the Apple iPhone 5 and HTC One which feature aluminium body.

As usual, Galaxy S4 smartphone has a microSD card slot for expanding the 16GB of internal memory, and the battery is removable.

The Galaxy S4’s 5’’ AMOLED HD screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 and offers a pixel density of 441ppi. Mobile phone users will love it as it is bright, clear and displays crisp text. Samsung always score high marks on display.

In addition, Galaxy S4’s screen has exceptional viewing angles and works well in direct sunlight. Galaxy S4’s screen is one of the best we’ve seen on an Android phone. It is attractive.

Since Samsung uses the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system for Galaxy S4, we do not have much comment to offer. It is a usual stuff. It does not create much value to users. Even cost effective phones come with new versions of Android.

As mentioned earlier, Samsung misses opportunities to innovate because it is still using Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, which is available with several other phones.

For instance, the basic interface of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is much the same as the Galaxy S III. Galaxy S4 is yet to be picked up significantly due its closeness to the third variant.

By using Galaxy S4, Indian mobile users can have up to seven home screen for widgets and app shortcuts, there are handy toggles for commonly used features in the notifications panel, including a brightness slider, and users can hide apps in the app drawer or select to display them in a grid or list format.

Mobile users will love the latest version of TouchWIZ on the Galaxy S4 that comes with some of the new features. Multi-window is not a new feature and comes with certain limitations. The multi-window feature allows users to run two apps on the screen simultaneously, though it only works with a selected range of apps.

Phone users say one of the best features of the Galaxy S4 is the availability of a small infrared port built into the top of the phone that allows the Galaxy S4 to act as a remote control for your TV and other home entertainment devices.

Some of the overseas reviews say using the preloaded Samsung WatchON app to set up this function takes less than a minute and the app includes a free-to-air EPG that shows you what’s on every digital TV channel in your area.

Users then effectively use the Galaxy S4 to see what’s on TV, with the ability change to a particular channel using the remote, save favorite channels as well as like or dislike particular programs.

Mobile users have already seen S Translator app that can translate nine different languages using both text to speech and speech to text, Group Play, which can send music photos and documents to multiple devices, and an S Health app which replaces fitness tracking accessories like Fitbit.


Samsung has spent considerable time on its camera features. Samsung has given much importance to this fact since it wants consumers to shift from Nokia and Apple.

I would say the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than cameras on any other Android phones.

For example, the Galaxy S4 has 12 camera modes, a major factor that will attract Indian mobile phone users. Galaxy S4 camera’s main modes include HDR, panorama and an eraser mode that allows users to remove objects from five consecutive pictures.

Interestingly, Galaxy S4 camera’s might mode takes eight photos in quick succession to ensure users capture the best image, drama shot, which takes 100 shots in four seconds, and animated photo, which allows users to pick one part of the photo to move while the others stay still, somewhat like an animated GIF. A sound and shot mode captures an image with up to nine seconds of sound. This innovation will be a value addition.

I am not sure whether Galaxy S4’s dual camera feature will work well for Indian mobile phone users. The dual camera allows users to take photos using the front and back cameras of the Galaxy S4 simultaneously. Users can select to place the picture from the front camera somewhere on the image from the back camera, selecting from a variety of frames.

The Galaxy S4 smartphone seamlessly runs the most graphically intense games. In addition, most apps open almost instantly. However, users may find annoying lag when using other apps.

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is excellent. It lasted a full day in almost all instances. But this battery can be seen in other smartphone as well.

Finally, we like more innovations. Samsung says Galaxy S4 is life’s companion. It’s not really as we have other phones already. Galaxy S5 can bring value additions.’s rating for Samsung Galaxy S4: 7/10

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