SAMSUNG wins TelecomLead Innovation Leaders Award 2020

Samsung Electronics is one of the winners of Innovation Leaders 2020 for its pioneering efforts to drive growth of 5G in South Korea.
Samsung - TelecomLead Innovation Leaders Award 2020South Korea was the first country to launch 5G mobile services in the world. Samsung is the leader in 5G network business in South Korea.

“As an innovator in the 5G space and one of the few vendors offering a full end-to-end 5G solution, Samsung is at the forefront of pushing the limits of 5G and beyond,” said Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has supplied 5G core solutions and 5G radio base stations to Korea’s three operators such as KT, SK Telecom and LGU+.

Korean operators rolled out their commercial 5G networks using Samsung’s 5G Massive-MIMO Unit (MMU) radio base station in the 3.5GHz spectrum. Samsung MMUs deployed in Korea are among the smallest and lightest in the industry, ensuring they can be easily installed in existing operators’ cellular sites requiring minimal changes.

The virtualized 5G core solutions, provided to all three Korean operators for their 5G commercial launch, support both legacy 4G networks and next generation 5G services in Non-Standalone (NSA) mode. They can also migrate to Standalone (SA) mode through a simple software upgrade in the future.

Samsung’s solution implements many of the key technologies of 5G networks, such as Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS), which are essential for network operators to scale their networks and support the new services enabled by 5G technology.

Samsung’s significant role in helping all three Korean mobile operators roll out their commercial 5G networks gives the vendor significant credibility as it looks to expand its 5G network solutions into other markets around the globe, Daryl Schoolar, practice leader for Service Provider Technologies at Ovum, said earlier.

Innovations to Samsung’s new AU are made possible by Samsung’s 5G RF chipset and the company’s first 5G NR system-on-a-chip (SoC) modem (S9100). This chipset enables an approximate 25 percent reduction in size, weight and power consumption, when compared to the same solution without an embedded 5G RF chipset. The AU’s new 5G NR modem substantially increases power efficiency.

Samsung is expanding its 5G portfolio to help operators have a wider choice in selecting radio solutions for different deployment scenarios. The company currently has commercial solutions for 2.5GHz, 3.5-4.1GHz, 26-28GHz and 39GHz and today launched a new 5G RFIC chip for the 24-27GHz spectrum, which will support new radios in 2020.

Winners of the Innovation Awards 2020 were selected by a group of technology journalists, analysts and telecom industry veterans. We are not disclosing their names since some of them have NDA-related issues.