SK Telecom enters China healthcare market with ICT solutions

SK Telecom has opened SK Telecom Healthcare R&D Center and Shenzhen VISTA-SK Medical Center in Software Park in Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen VISTA-SK Medical Center, a joined venture floated in June 2013 between SK Telecom and VISTA, a Chinese medical corporation, can examine 30,000 customers in a year.

VISTA will form a strategic alliance with health insurance companies in China to provide medical service through clinics in association with the general medical examination center. SK Telecom will explore new business opportunities in cooperation with the Chinese government by converging ICT to healthcare.

SK Telecom enters China healthcare market with IT solutions

SK Telecom Healthcare R&D center comprises IVD lab, Open Collaboration Center for joint projects with partner companies and a promotion center to display SK Telecom’s healthcare businesses.

In a statement, SK Telecom said it plans to build additional general medical examination centers in other major cities of the country to expand its healthcare business.

Ha Sungmin, CEO of SK Telecom, said: “SK Telecom will do its utmost to add value to Korea’s ICT, medical services and technologies in the global market by helping Korean healthcare sector to expand their business internationally.”