WebNMS demos expanded capabilities for Carrier Ethernet 2.0

At Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) GEN14, WebNMS, a specialist in multi-vendor network management and IoT solutions, is showcasing automation solutions for MEF-defined Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services.

WebNMS solutions at MEF focus on enabling automation of MEF-defined services, use cases and best practice workflows across multi-vendor, Carrier Ethernet 2.0 networks.  They unify management and enhance key network and service orchestration capabilities within an SDN-ready platform.

The new capabilities are prerequisites for provider orchestration of many existing, well-defined services and future services based on SDN and NFV, the company said.

Prabhu Ramachandran, director of WebNMS, said, “Service providers are looking to automate their operations through orchestration, not just for SDN, but for today’s bread and butter services like Carrier Ethernet. At MEF GEN14, WebNMS is showcasing orchestrated Carrier Ethernet services with new solutions that give operators and their customers dramatically increased service visibility and control.”

webnms frameworkAt MEF GEN14, WebNMS also demonstrates a proof of concept of a live, multi-vendor CE 2.0 network, which can orchestrate the fulfillment of dynamic requests for assured services through a customer portal with automated end-to-end service provisioning and remote automated service activation and testing.

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WebNMS is also exhibiting the new Symphony Orchestration platform, a unified software suite for automation of service provider network operations. Symphony enables carriers and other service providers to efficiently transform existing static service offerings into dynamic services and introduce new SDN and NFV-based services as they mature.

WebNMS symphonySymphony Orchestration Platform enables efficient, automated provisioning of multiple existing services. The initial release includes Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet and MPLS service solutions, and WebNMS plans to extend its solution library for other well-defined provider services.

These solutions deliver unified multi-vendor network management across all functions and layers necessary for end-to-end automation. WebNMS orchestration provides granular and accurate performance data from the network, as well as highly customizable displays for all aspects of their workflows, including monitoring, troubleshooting and customer support.