Subex to focus on telecom analytics solution biz

Subex and telecom analytics
Subex announced new strategy to transition to becoming a telecom analytics solution provider to assist telecoms for their digital transformation, from a business optimization provider.

Subex, a telecom technology company funded by Subash Menon, also announced a new logo as part of the 25 year birth anniversary.

The Bangalore, India-company, as per the Subex 3.0 strategy, will focus on newer areas such as Business Intelligence and IoT, while continuing to build and innovate upon its core competencies.

“Since our inception, we have been sitting on a gold mine of data which is gathered across networks, customers, and systems. This, coupled with our technological capabilities puts us in the best position to draw insights for telecoms and help them to drive new business models and enhance customer experience,” said Surjeet Singh, managing director and CEO of Subex.