AFP Extends Deal with SES to Enhance AFPTV Live for Real-Time Global News Coverage

Agence France-Presse (AFP) and SES have announced the extension of their partnership, paving the way for continued access to the groundbreaking AFPTV Live platform. The platform allows customers to access real-time live news and events from around the world, enabling seamless delivery of AFP’s 1200+ live video news feeds every month on a massive scale.
SES Networks connectivityThe AFPTV Live platform, built on SES 360, offers users a simple and secure way to access AFP’s live video news feeds and deliver content to their news studios via IP. It equips customers with real-time information, collaborative agenda features, and a chat tool connecting them to AFPTV’s Live editors, facilitating efficient news planning and coverage.

Since its launch in 2018, AFP and SES have continually upgraded AFPTV Live with new features to optimize user experience and platform capabilities. As a result, AFPTV Live has become the first of its kind to offer advanced functionalities such as replaying, refeeding, downloading, and clipping live content, all from a single user interface.

Marie-Noelle Valles, Video Business Development Strategy Director at AFP, highlighted the agency’s visual-first approach and extensive global network spanning 260 locations. The ability to seamlessly deliver live video news feeds on such a large scale is crucial for AFP’s operations. She expressed excitement about further collaboration with SES to keep updating and improving AFPTV Live in the years ahead.

SES, as a global leader in media services, is delighted to work hand in hand with AFP to expand and enhance the capabilities of AFPTV Live with cutting-edge technology. Norbert Hölzle, Global Head of Media at SES, acknowledged AFP’s status as an iconic news organization that serves a vast global audience with trusted, real-time multimedia news content. He emphasized the importance of providing AFP’s customers with the latest tools to find and deliver the most critical news to their audience.

This extended partnership between AFP and SES promises to elevate the standard of real-time news coverage and reaffirms their commitment to delivering accurate and up-to-date information to audiences worldwide. With ongoing efforts to enhance AFPTV Live, the collaboration stands as a testament to the power of innovation and technology in shaping the future of global news reporting.