Gilat Satellite Networks to Modernize Ethio Telecom’s Satellite Network

Gilat Satellite Networks, a renowned global leader in satellite networking technology, solutions, and services, has recently announced a significant contract win for satellite network modernization with Ethio Telecom, Ethiopia’s leading telecommunications provider. This partnership signifies a crucial step towards enhancing satellite-based 4G cellular backhaul capabilities and improving enterprise communications in remote regions of Ethiopia.
Gilat Satellite servicesGilat’s SkyEdge II-c technology will be at the forefront of this modernization effort, accompanied by hundreds of Capricorn and Gemini VSATs. This advanced infrastructure will play a pivotal role in expanding reliable and efficient mobile connectivity and enterprise communications services throughout Ethiopia.

Mr. Tesfaye Tadesse Woldesemayat, Chief Network Infrastructure Officer at Ethio Telecom, highlighted the careful evaluation process that led to choosing Gilat’s technology. “As part of our modernization process, we carefully evaluated our options,” he stated. “Gilat’s technology, with its long history of proven satellite-based cellular backhaul experience, proved to be the right choice to enable reliable and efficient mobile connectivity and enterprise communications to enable a bright future for the people of Ethiopia.”

Ethio Telecom, recognized as one of Africa’s most innovative pioneering telecom companies, is committed to providing cutting-edge telecommunications services to its customers across the nation. This collaboration with Gilat signifies a significant stride toward fulfilling that commitment.

Yossi Gal, Vice President of Regional Sales at Gilat, expressed pride in the partnership with Ethio Telecom, stating, “We’re proud to be working with Ethio Telecom, one of Africa’s most innovative pioneering telecom companies. We value our long partnership with Ethio Telecom and are happy to be working with them, with the latest in satellite communications technology, to enable the highest levels of connectivity all across the nation.”

The modernization of Ethiopia’s satellite network is expected to have a transformative impact on the country, connecting previously underserved regions and contributing to the nation’s digital transformation.