Gilat Satellite Reports Impressive Growth Across Financial Metrics

Gilat Satellite Networks has reported impressive growth across various financial metrics, showcasing its continued success in the satellite communications sector.
Gilat Satellites for 5G networkGilat Satellite Networks reported revenues of $67.6 million for the second quarter of 2023, ending on June 30th., marking a significant increase of 22 percent compared to the same period in the previous year.

Operating income of Gilat Satellite Networks has reached $5.4 million, a substantial rise from the $1.5 million reported in Q2 2022.

Gilat Satellite Networks said its net income amounted to $4.3 million, translating to earnings of $0.08 per diluted share. This is a noteworthy improvement from the $0.5 million in net income and $0.01 earnings per diluted share reported in Q2 2022.

Furthermore, Gilat Satellite Networks has revised its guidance for the remainder of 2023, reflecting the company’s confidence in its future performance.

The new projections include expected revenues ranging between $265 million to $285 million, indicating a 15 percent growth. The company anticipates operating income to be in the range of $18 million to $22 million, reflecting a remarkable growth of 101 percent. Gilat aims for adjusted EBITDA to fall between $33 million to $37 million, showcasing an anticipated growth of 39 percent.

Adi Sfadia, CEO of Gilat Satellite Networks, expressed his satisfaction with the second quarter’s robust results, emphasizing the substantial revenue growth and the remarkable increase in Adjusted EBITDA. He attributed the revenue growth to a strong market interest in Gilat’s solutions and the burgeoning interest in satellite communications as a whole.

Sfadia highlighted the expansion of the company’s in-flight connectivity (IFC) business, driven by rising demand for electronically steered antennas (ESA) and Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPA). He mentioned a significant agreement with Satcom Direct, which involves the development and supply of new ultra-low profile electronically steered antennas (ESA) for operation over OneWeb’s LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellation. This initiative is expected to open new opportunities in various market segments, including IFC for business jets, as well as connectivity solutions for government and military aviation.

The CEO also provided updates on the progress of the company’s acquisition of DataPath Inc., which was announced earlier in the year. Pending the successful conclusion of the regulatory approval process, Gilat anticipates the transaction’s closing in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Sfadia’s concluding remarks emphasized both the strong quarterly performance and the strategic agreements that led to an upward revision of the company’s 2023 guidance, instilling confidence in Gilat’s long-term growth prospects.

In addition to its financial achievements, Gilat Satellite Networks has recently made significant strides in the market:

The company entered a strategic agreement with Satcom Direct to jointly develop and supply new ultra-low profile electronically steered antennas (ESA) for OneWeb’s LEO constellation, expanding its Plane Simple portfolio.

Gilat secured a notable contract to provide satellite connectivity solutions to a Tier 1 Telecom Operator for a major Western European Utility Company.

The company received substantial orders, valued at millions of dollars, for a cellular backhaul over satellite project in Mexico.

These recent announcements underscore Gilat’s position as a frontrunner in satellite networking technology, with its innovative solutions continuing to gain traction in diverse market segments.