Hughes to boost network reliability for ACC and Ambuja Cement

Hughes Communications India (HCI), a provider of broadband satellite services and solutions, has been chosen by ACC and Ambuja Cement to deploy its Managed Dual LTE/4G high-availability solution.

With HCI’s Managed Dual LTE/4G high-availability solution, ACC and Ambuja Cement can enhance their network infrastructure. HCI’s turnkey solution includes 2Mbps LTE/4G links from different telecom operators, featuring automatic failover capabilities between the LTE links.

The customer premise equipment (CPE) will be equipped with two independent LTE ports and modules supporting major routing and security protocols. In the event of a primary network failure, the HCI solution ensures seamless connectivity for essential business applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), voice, and internet services.

A key feature of HCI’s managed service is the addition of a diverse path backup to the SDWAN network deployed by ACC and Ambuja Cement. This redundancy significantly enhances network reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operations for critical business functions. Furthermore, the solution provides an intuitive reporting interface, offering customers a unified dashboard view of their network, devices, and user activities. This streamlined approach simplifies network setup, change management, and help desk support, optimizing overall operations for both companies.

HCI recently achieved a significant milestone with the mandatory conformance certification of its latest JUPITER System terminals by the Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) in India. This certification highlights HCI’s dedication to providing advanced connectivity solutions while adhering to stringent regulatory requirements.