Analog Devices Forecasts Q1 Revenue Dip Amidst Industry Challenges

Analog Devices, a prominent chipmaker, has projected a revenue expectation of $2.50 billion, with a possible variance of $100 million for the three months concluding in January. Additionally, the company anticipates adjusted earnings of $1.70 per share, fluctuating within a range of 10 cents.
open radio unit reference design platform by Analog DevicesThe financial outlook arrives as Analog Devices navigates a challenging landscape, marked by a 16 percent decline in revenue to $2.72 billion. The industrial segment, contributing significantly to the company’s revenue, experienced a 20 percent downturn due to softened demand for crucial products like factory automation technology.

One of the primary factors impacting Analog Devices’ performance is the cautious spending behavior among automakers, apprehensive about a potential slowdown in their electric vehicle ventures. Despite a 14 percent growth in automotive sales, representing over a quarter of the total revenue, this rate is notably the slowest in at least two years for the company.

This outlook mirrors a trend within the industry, as exemplified by Analog Devices’ competitor, Texas Instruments, which recently issued a subdued forecast owing to decelerated demand from industrial clients. The fallout from pandemic-induced buying surges has led to inflation-wary customers abstaining from placing new chip orders, resulting in a surplus of supply across companies like Analog Devices.

CEO Vincent Roche acknowledged this industry-wide challenge, stating, “We expect customer inventory digestion to persist into the first half of the year.” The ripple effects of this cautious market sentiment, coupled with supply chain disruptions and subdued demand, pose ongoing hurdles for chipmakers navigating an uncertain business landscape.


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