ASM International Unveils €300 mn Expansion in Arizona to Meet Semiconductor Industry Demand

ASM International, a leading semiconductor equipment company, has set the stage for a significant expansion in North America, aiming to bolster research and development capabilities in response to soaring demand within the semiconductor industry.
ASM International at a trade showThe company disclosed a robust investment of €300 million slated for a new facility spanning over 20 acres in Scottsdale, Arizona, unfolding over a five-year period. This substantial investment encompasses capital expenditures for infrastructure, cutting-edge laboratory equipment, and operational expenses related to the creation of additional research and engineering roles.

Benjamin Loh, ASM’s CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the venture, highlighting the substantial augmentation of research and development activities. Loh emphasized the pivotal role the new Scottsdale facility would play in elevating Arizona as a prime hub for groundbreaking semiconductor innovation.

Envisioned as ASM’s North American headquarters, the 250,000 square feet global technology and innovation center marks a significant upgrade from the current facility, fostering collaborative environments across various ASM departments. Notably, the center will incorporate advanced lab equipment and infrastructure geared not only toward research and development but also sustainable practices, including renewable energy and water recycling facilities.

The expansion extends beyond research and development, encompassing global operations and corporate support functions, consolidating elements like supply chain management, manufacturing engineering, a Global Training Center, and the Global Software Team.

Political and economic figures from the Netherlands recently visited Arizona to commemorate ASM’s expansion announcement, signifying the importance of this move for the company’s global operations.

ASM International specializes in critical technology for semiconductor integrated-circuit chips essential in various electronic products. Their focus on wafer equipment, particularly in thin-film deposition, involves designing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing deposition tools utilized in wafer fabrication plants worldwide.

Currently employing over 800 individuals in Arizona, ASM plans to add approximately 500 more jobs within the next six years, spanning engineering, research, and development. The new site aims to offer a conducive work environment with amenities to support employee well-being and productivity.

Moreover, ASM demonstrates a steadfast commitment to sustainability, aiming for LEED certification for the new facility, emphasizing energy and water reuse programs. The company targets a significant reduction in water usage, with plans to incorporate over 80 percent reclaimed water in the facility.

Notably, ASM’s existing facility in Arizona has already slashed absolute water usage by 60 percent from 2017 to 2022 despite considerable business growth. The construction of the new facility is anticipated to span three years, solidifying ASM’s foothold in driving semiconductor innovation while prioritizing sustainability and workforce development.


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